I rarely set out to paint what eventually emerges on the paper.  Suddenly there might appear a shape that I find interesting, or a shape I liked might disappear. The elements of surprise and discovery are what make watercolor painting fun for me.

I thought painting in watercolor would be useful while my husband enjoyed hours of meditation as he fished on the quiet Maine lake where we have a camp. What I did not consider is that his boat moves all the time and trying to paint on the moving boat meant I couldn¹t focus on a scene long enough to complete the painting.  I continued painting in watercolor anyway.

Art making of any kind is a great way to enjoy your later years.  I have taken watercolor classes with many fine teachers.  Most recently I have been in Carolyn Latanision’s morning watercolor class in Woburn, MA.   My classmates are mostly retirees who enjoy painting as I do, and most weeks we also share a good chuckle.  This is my meditation,  a kind of group meditation!

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